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Hi, I'm Ben 👋

I specialize in strategy, marketing, and product design - providing both consultancy and implementation.

I'm passionate about facilitating the creator economy with Web 3.0 + no-code/low-code.

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Anything is possible.

Let's talk about it.

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Make more and better decisions, faster.

Rapidly align numerous stakeholders.Clearly define a broad range of issues.Ideate many plausible solutions.Prioritize by impact and effort.
Democratically, without open discussion.

Within one hour.

The Strategy Workshop is optimized for multiple attendees. If you need 1-2-1 consultation, please book a Strategic Consultation.

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Lift the fog and clear the path forward.

Discover and clarify tangible business goals.Clearly define the most pertinent roadblocks.Ideate optimal solutions based on available resources.Generate a coherent execution plan.
The Strategic Consultation is a 1-2-1 session optimized for business needs. For multiple attendees, please book a Strategy Workshop.

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